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Industry News | RHM fully takes over the domestic business of microlab

2020.04.17 2250

microlab, as top leader in the audio industry, known as the "musical angel of China's audio industry", people who familiar with the audio industry would know they has created one industry after another classic.

The "subwoofer" concept was pioneered by microlab into the multimedia audio industry,which is still used today. The sailboat "microlab" which was bought in 2017 became a window for people to aware the brand image of microlab;

By virtue its strong self-research, innovative manufacturing and brand appeal, microlab has become the honor icon in CES, IFA and other major industry exhibitions, have also became one of the most well-known brands in the multimedia audio industry in China and worldwide.

"microlab" Sailboat

microlab has always keep closed track of the market movements and user needs, constantly analyzing the situation, innovating management, promoting brand strategy transformation with a development perspective, optimizing and adjusting the market deployment.

At the beginning of 2020, with deeply research and analysis, microlab decided to authorize ShenZhen RHM Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of RHM Group as the National General Agent of microlab to fully responsible for its domestic business and operation, so as to maintain the vitality,glory and create brilliant again of the microlab brand in the audio industry.

Brand Authorizing Certificate

RHM has maintained a stable and low-profile operating attitude since its establishment compared with microlab, consumers know less about it, however, RHM is a “stability anchor” existence in the peers’ view. The reason why microlab finally chose RHM as its successor is mainly due to the absolute strength of RHM's foundation strength in manufacturing, quality, R&D, plus its well-trend brand management in recent years.

We believe that the in-depth cooperation of the brands will bring a new trend to the audio industry, and will certainly create a new benchmark&memorable classics under RHM’s manufacturing advantages and microlab's brand precipitation.

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